Our Roots

Imagine a deserted desert, the sun blazing down on the pioneers and their horses and a soda can gleaming in the far distance…. wait, that’s a Pepsi commercial.  Imagine a hot desert, unforgiving surroundings and a gaggle of pioneer women coming together to figure out how to best live in tough conditions.  These now-a-century-old girls talked about politics, agriculture, education, music and art and called themselves the Madison Improvement Club.

Fast forward 100 years…

Located on the NE corner of 38th St and Indian School in what probably, like, 5 people in the area know as the Madison district, stood a vacant, neglected building.  Mary Swanson and the Swajava family sensed it was worth pursuing and was it ever!  Our apologies to those of you who were regulars at the Amico Bingo Club for the past 40 years.  We hope you have found a new place 2B!

Our restoration preserved much of the original structure including the 1917 cornerstone, an old glass alcohol flask and the original oak wood floor.   We made many green decisions such as a stabilized granite parking lot, low flow toilets, low voltage lighting and using Kermit in our Earth Day youtube video.  Oh, and we’ve already began to recycle, starting with the re-use of the name Madison Improvement Club!

Our logo, the OM, can be seen glowing from our building at night and was chosen 1. Because the “O” and “M” vertically align when we write the words The Madison Improvement Club on top of one another; 2. Because OM represents the sound of the universe and stands to signify that there is a beginning, middle and an end to all things and 3.  It looks super cool.

And speaking of cool, we want you to know that behind our cool, playful website and “do more of what makes you happy” tag line is a whole lot of genuine effort to make this a positive experience for all of our visitors. And speaking of parties, every party has to have a planner and ours are Mary Swanson (aka “Hope”, house mom, real mom, yogini, philanthropist, Vision Master and exceptional entrepreneur) and Andrew Varela (aka “Varela Ice”, fearless leader, Party on a Bike® guru and an exceptional value-based venture capitalist).  They are tugging on and whispering in our ears while lovingly tapping their foot in a sincere commitment to make The Madison the most sought after experience ever with their incredible core team- harmony fulton, Jaqlyn Collier, Lorrie Ward, Alex Austin, Joe Meyers, and Robert Jacques.

Our hearts are in it.  Our intentions are pure.  From that we believe only good things can come…