Upside-Down Playground!

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We know you’re starting to plan your weekends in December, and although we don’t think there are too many mid-day holiday parties, we want you to know about Gina’s inversion workshop so you can lock it in.  Not sure if this workshop is for you?  All she asks is that you can kick up into a handstand against a wall and that you have the courage to attempt crow pose.  Come play!

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Who’s “spinnin'” in Tempe on Thursdays in November?

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We heard you had a good time partying on a bike to the sounds of DJ Tommy Roberts last week…Perfect, because he’ll be ‘spinning’ at our studio again this and next Thursday in the 5:15p and 6:30p classes!  And in case you’re all, “DJ who??”, it’s the guy who ran the show at El Hefe after ASU killed it Saturday.

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Bring a friend for FREE!

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We hope our November special inspires you to come take some early morning and late evening classes this month.  Humans tend to be quite habitual (think: your morning coffee, the way you put your dishes in the dishwasher, that hair flip thing you do) and that’s okay!  Even comforting.  However, occasionally mixing up your routine forces your brain to focus on what you’re doing.  This change builds new neural connections.  In addition to this wonderful brain benefit, any friend you bring who has never been to The Madison can take any class at 6a and all classes after 7p for free!  #mixitup #spreadthelove

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Doing good in SO many ways.

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To all of you who supported our charity rides In Phoenix this past weekend…THANK YOU!  The money we raised will go to Project Veteran’s Pride, a local shelter that helps veterans get back on their feet.

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Party People

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BIG shout out to ASU’s Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Alpha Theta sororities for holding sisterhoods in our ‪Tempe #partyonabike room last week!

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Healthy is Delicious!

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The Opening that is Grand! #temperising

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