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[The Biggest Benefit] of Yoga No One Talks About

Yoga has the ability to transform the spiritual presence of a person. Regardless whether you’re attending classes in Tempe yoga studios or yoga studios in Phoenix, Arizona, the philosophy of the practice is the same. It’s common knowledge that yoga promotes mindfulness and calmness, but there’s more to it than what meets the eye.

Discomfort is the biggest benefit

Anything that is new to us challenges our entire existence. This is exactly what yoga is about. Meditation and performing yoga poses are not as easy as breathing air in and out. It entails discipline, and that alone induces discomfort.

So why is it a benefit? When you become “comfortable in being uncomfortable”, you get the chance to be creative. You explore possible solutions that will work. In the process, you learn and you break the habitual way of living your daily life.

A study found out that experiencing events without anticipation increases the dopamine in our brains, a feel-good hormone.

It gives the power of changing lives

Yoga creates possibility. You have the chance to maximize its full potential by engaging yourself to its principles. It encourages you to act for your own benefit and fight back the negative energy that may take away your hopes. This is the same thing if you attend fitness studios in Phoenix.

Such practice helps a person achieve acceptance, patience, and kindness. You have the power in your hands to figure out your limitations and wholly accept it for what it is. It promotes self-love and a divine way to face your insecurities.

You avoid spiritual bypassing

Spiritual bypassing is the tendency of a person to hide behind his spiritual beliefs and practices in order to escape from his current emotional and psychological unhappiness. This is what yoga successfully debunks. You deal with the problems face to face and you learn how to turn it off in your mind.

It is an internal process of learning how to deal with your personal struggles. The results will reflect on the external actions and the perspective of a person towards life.

Like the foundation of yoga’s mindfulness, it is only by facing things that you can get through. Try enrolling in yoga training Phoenix locals are practicing, you’ll discover this yourself.

yoga studios Phoenix Arizona

The mat is a battlefield

Despite the look of calmness and perfection, performing asanas on a mat is a battle. There is constant struggle involved in order to nail a posture and align it to your spiritual presence. It is always acceptable to pause and be in a safe place. But it is in knowing the risk and working with it that you fulfill the promise of knowing yourself deeper.

The mat and the practice of yoga are like relationships. It entails sensitive thinking and feeling to get through. It is the same as knowing how to climb a mountain to avoid falling off.

If you’re planning to visit Tempe yoga studios or enroll in yoga classes Tempe locals practice, remember these benefits and you will do well.

[11 Things] to Know Before Your First Spin Class

Spin classes are gaining traction and breaking the boredom between running and walking. It is a high-intensity workout, but before you hop on the bike, here are 11 things you have to know before attending best spin classes Phoenix style:

1. Go large on water tumblers

Your usual juice bottle just can’t make the cut. Go large on your tumblers since you will need to drink a lot during your spin class. The sweating will get intense and you need to compensate the lost fluids. It’s like how you gulp down fluids during yoga classes in Phoenix.

2. Arrive early

If your spin class is at 10 a.m., arrive at least 10 minutes earlier. You would want to introduce yourself to the other spinners and the instructor. Tell them it’s your first time and has time to set up your bike. Just like when you have a class in Phoenix yoga studios, you need time to set up your mat.

3. Know what tap back is

You don’t want to attend your first spin class without knowing a few moves. Tap back is a famous spin move where you pedal out of the saddle and then perform a half-returning backward movement. It’s done repeatedly.

4. It’s not easy

Here’s one fact: no one is entirely fit for a spin class. If it feels like a piece of cake, you might need to up the resistance and break more sweat.

5. Instructors are always right

Spinning instructors are there for a reason. Always follow what they say but let them know if you have injuries. Don’t give them a hard time, okay?

6. Go full circles

As a stationary bike, it’s a bit easy to trick the pedaling. But if you want to have a right start, go on the full circle on your pedaling. It should look like the arms of the clock.

indoor cycling Phoenix

7. Control your resistance levels

Avoid overdoing and underdoing your resistance. Keep on the right pace but make sure that you still retain the challenge. That’s how you do indoor cycling Phoenix style.

8. Choose the right sports bra

For women, it’s important to wear the right sports bra. You will be in a taxing up and down motion so it’s important to keep everything in place.

9. Easy on the grip

With the resistance going up, it’s sometimes unavoidable to death grip the handles. Train yourself to go easy on the grip to avoid injuries.

10. You can take breaks

Spinning is a challenge but it doesn’t mean that you can’t take a breather. But don’t stop pedaling just yet. Slowly reduce the resistance so your muscles and heart rate can gradually relax before a total stop.

11. It can be fun!

Spinning classes are fun! With the new people you’re going to meet, there’s no reason to be nervous. Your instructor would surely help you adjust just like how a yoga teacher training in Phoenix does. The other spinners are also there to motivate and give you a sense of belonging.

If you want to break a sweat, go enroll yourself in your first spinning class. These 11 points will help you prepare but do not forget to enjoy your spins. It is a fun way to get fit and you also get the chance to meet new friends.

[What are the Benefits] of Training at a Fitness Studio

Whether you’re in search of some of the best spin classes in Phoenix, or you just want to make some new friends while learning a new skill like yoga, there are some very real benefits to attending yoga classes in Phoenix. Getting in shape is one of the best things that you can do for your life, and I’m going to outline some of the most notable benefits that you’ll enjoy from regularly heading to a fitness studio in your area, no matter what sort of workout you’re going to do there.

Better Health

You only get one body, it’s important to take care of it. Heading for yoga classes in Phoenix, or going in for indoor cycling in Phoenix will get your heart racing, push your muscles to the limits and help you get into the best shape of your life. You’ll improve your heart and lung health, reduce the number of illnesses that you get throughout the year and just improve your overall wellbeing, which is an excellent reason to go to class.

Better Sleep

If you suffer from sleep issues you’ll almost certainly improve them with some good quality exercise. Yoga classes in Phoenix are a good solid way to experience those benefits. You’ll tire yourself out, work your muscles and fall to sleep much faster than you probably are right now. That also means that you’ll wake up feeling better in the morning which is a nice benefit to all those Phoenix yoga studios.

More Focus

Heading to something like yoga teacher training in Phoenix, or the best spin classes in Phoenix can actually improve your focus as well. You learn how to feel your body and by working it out and focusing on your breathing you’ll learn to manage stress, cut out those unnecessary thoughts and become more focused than ever before. That’s a huge benefit of working out and yoga in particular.

indoor cycling phoenix

Better Sex

Sex is a highly physical activity, and heading into yoga classes in Phoenix or indoor cycling in Phoenix will give you the added stamina and flexibility to have better sessions under the sheets. If you want the best sex of your life, begin working out.

New Friends

Go to the same public location at the same time throughout the week and you’re bound to make some new friends eventually. This is true for yoga classes in Phoenix, or any fitness studio for that matter. Go to that same location again and again and you’ll start to see common people all the time. Eventually you could make some new friends from it.

Enhanced Motivation

Serious yoga classes and targeted workouts in the best spin classes in Phoenix will help improve your motivation and make you feel better about yourself. After all, if you can crush a tough fitness class, there’s no reason you can’t kill your presentation, do an awesome job in that new job and land a new promotion.

There are so many benefits to hitting up a quality fitness studio that it’s hard to justify not going to one. Once you stop to think about all that the classes have to offer you’ll be signing up for Phoenix yoga studios or even yoga teacher training in Phoenix and improving your life in the process.

[8 Reasons] Yoga Is Better Than The Gym

Yoga truly is medicine for the mind, body, and soul. Whether your goal is to improve physical fitness or reap the many health benefits of the sacred practice, our yoga classes and highly sought out yoga teacher training in Phoenix and Tempe will have you feeling the benefits of a great workout, without spending time in the gym. Our studio classes have become a staple and go-to workout for many here in Arizona.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why we feel that yoga is better than going to the gym:

It’s cardio too

With yoga, you don’t need to spend time pretending you like to run on the treadmill or slave away on the rowing machine. If you’re practicing a flow, you’re getting great cardio and you can even break a sweat. The breath matches your movement and with the longer, more quick flows, you will get your heart rate up. Consider Kundalini kriyas for a more adventurous yoga cardio experience.

It’s super efficient

While in a yoga class, you’re working all parts of the body as opposed to solely focusing on and targeting one part. You are building strength in your arms, your core, legs, and more by using your own body weight as you move from pose to pose. You’re both strengthening and lengthening your body all at the same time.

You can practice yoga anywhere

Once you learn the basics of yoga and you continue attending studio classes, you can perform the poses anywhere that you want. You can create your own sacred practice in the mornings, practice a few sun salutations during the day, and you don’t need a single piece of equipment – not even your mat! Talk about convenience.

It’s not competitive

The basis of the yoga practice is looking inward. You are supposed to only focus on yourself and what you bring to the mat, not what the person next to you is doing. While at a gym, it becomes difficult to do so as you are not participating in an inward practice. Avoid the competition and step onto your mat.

Yoga Is Better Than The Gym

It’s good for you physically and mentally

Practicing yoga a few times a week has many health benefits including decreased anxiety, improved pain, disease prevention, and more. While working out in a gym has health benefits as well, you are raising your cortisol levels when lifting weights or doing high-intensity exercises. Yoga helps to slow the breath and slow the mind while decreasing cortisol.

It helps you lose weight

Yoga not only helps you to lose weight by reducing cortisol and fat storage while increasing metabolism, it changes your approach to food and your daily habits. It promotes overall health in your day to day life, helping you to avoid the things that make you gain weight or make it difficult to lose.


There are different styles of yoga and also your daily practice is really what you make it. One day you can focus more on balance, while another on flexibility, and another on challenging yourself with new poses. It’s all about what you’re feeling on the mat that day.

No injuries

In yoga, you are healing injuries, rather than promoting an environment in which new ones can occur. You push yourself only as far as you are feeling that day and laying down on your mat to skip a pose that doesn’t feel good is perfectly acceptable.

[10 Surprising] Health Benefits of Yoga For Both Mind & Body

Yoga truly is medicine for the mind, body, and soul. From improving your fitness to reaping the many health benefits of the sacred practice, our yoga classes and highly sought out yoga teacher training in Phoenix will have you feeling all the feels. As yoga rises in popularity and continues to be on trend, the health-boosting practice has become a staple to many people in the Phoenix area. Improve your flexibility, know thyself, and restore your health while reaching your yoga #GOALS.

Here are just a few of the yoga health benefits:

Reduce anxiety and depression

Studies have shown that the practice of yoga dramatically decreases depression and boosts happiness. The mindfulness and meditation raise serotonin levels which are associated with feeling happy and content. Through a regular yoga practice, you are essentially releasing the sadness, anger, and anxiety you carry or could potentially carry.

Manage your pain

The release of serotonin by practicing yoga directly reduces the feelings of pain in the body. With regular practice in a yoga class, the increased flexibility, strength, and better circulation from stretching and breathing into the poses will decrease the overall pain in the body.

Relieve your arthritis

Yoga reduces the intensity of different forms of arthritis. The gentle movements and heat generated in the body provide relief and pain management for even the most severe of arthritis sufferers.

Improve balance

Quality of life is improved by better balance, flexibility, strength and muscle tone. In your yoga class, you will build on all of these things each and every time. Balance is as much about the mind as it is about the body.

Improve sleep

According to studies, attending yoga classes regularly was one of the best ways to reduce insomnia and improve overall sleep. Yogis sleep more soundly, longer, and tend to wake up less throughout the night. It’s said that in as little as 8 weeks, you will begin to see dramatic sleep improvements.

yoga classes in Phoenix

Manage your weight

Certain styles of yoga burn a much larger amount of calories than one would think. While most people don’t see yoga as an effective workout, and more as a tool for relaxation, they are wrong. By practicing deep breathing and movement, you’re decreasing the cortisol levels in your body, aka the stress hormone. When you do that, your body will hold onto less fat and will actually burn it more easily.

Reduce migraine suffering

As you improve blood flow and decrease overall stress, the practice of yoga decreases migraine suffering. Certain poses are known to reduce head pain and the symptoms of severe migraines. Yoga classes can be used as a great treatment option for migraine sufferers.

Support your fertility and pregnancy

As yoga classes improve overall relaxation and anxiety relief, it’s great for pregnancy and preventing postpartum depression. It’s also widely used to improve fertility as it prepares the body as a low-stress vessel by opening up energetic channels and raising serotonin.

Reduce the risk of heart disease

While practicing yoga regularly reduces arterial plaque, it has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. As you attend yoga classes, you are continuously decreasing cortisol levels in the body. By doing this, you’re essentially detoxing your body of the causes of heart disease like fat storage, metabolism issues, and more.

Improve your memory

When you reduce stress and tension in the body, your memory increases as you have a clearer brain with more organized thoughts. You’re clearing your mind every time that you step onto your mat.

The Madison Improvement Club is a yoga studio that offers yoga classes. Our indoor cycling also boasts many health benefits to our community every single day. Nourish your mind, body, and soul by visiting us today.

Yoga training in Phoenix: [Best way] to gain an in-depth understanding of Yoga

Yoga is more than a way to get in shape and bolster your flexibility, it’s an art form that takes years to master. It can be fun to get started with and it’s something that you can always improve at. Most people are happy to just go to one of the local fitness studios in Phoenix to improve their yoga skills, but that’s not the way to become a true expert. If you want to get to the top levels of yoga you really need to go through yoga training in Phoenix. This isn’t just a simple class at one of the yoga studios in Phoenix, Arizona, but a much more comprehensive training regimen that will help you gain skills much more effectively over time.

Perfect Your Technique

When going through standard classes at fitness studios in Phoenix most instructors won’t take the time to correct you if your technique is only off slightly. That’s why once you reach an average level on a yoga pose you won’t improve much more at that point in standard classes. If you want to be the best at yoga that you can, you can’t just be happy with the different yoga studios in Phoenix, Arizona. Only the top quality yoga training in Phoenix will lead to perfect technique. You’ll work closely with serious trainers that will scrutinize your every move to make sure you’re doing it right. You’ll quickly learn what you need to improve at and what you are close at being perfect on. It’s an exciting experience when you get to a near perfect level on one of the poses. The moment that you start yoga training in Phoenix you’ll learn about different ways that you can improve yourself.

Gain More Benefits from Yoga

Yoga is highly beneficial for health and stress relief. This is true no matter what level you are in yoga. Yoga offers even more benefits when you truly perfect it though. You’ll enjoy larger decreases in your stress levels, enhanced flexibility like you never imagined and satisfaction in having the skill to do yoga better than most other people. You’ll gain pride in yourself and you’ll likely start to help others improve their technique as well. Who knows, you could end up deciding that you want to teach other people how to do yoga themselves, which is how new teachers are created.

Consider Becoming a Teacher

Many of the best programs for yoga training in Phoenix help train instructors. If you ever thought about becoming a yoga instructor that works at one of the yoga studios in Phoenix, Arizona, or that begins a new studio, it’s rough quality yoga training in Phoenix. Take the time to look at the different training programs in your area and choose one with care, like The Madison.

The right training program will help you become an expert in yoga and give you a whole new perspective on the activity. Stop being mediocre at all those fitness studios in Phoenix and head to yoga training in Phoenix. It makes a huge difference.

Why yoga teacher training is growing more popular in Phoenix

Yoga is an excellent way to relax and it’s a trend that’s catching on all over the country. It’s grown to be particularly popular in the Phoenix area. With so many new people getting interested in visiting Phoenix yoga studios, it’s important that there are enough yoga teachers in the area. That’s why yoga teacher training in Phoenix is growing to be so important and why more and more people are beginning to go through the courses in the area. Read on to learn more about why it makes sense to take yoga teacher training and why people are taking the classes in the Phoenix area, and also to learn how to find good quality locations for yoga teacher training in Phoenix.

Increasing Demand for Yoga Teachers
More and more people want to take classes at local Phoenix yoga studios. That’s good news for local area businesses, but they can’t keep up with all the demand. With a rise in demand for good yoga classes in Phoenix, there need to be more teachers as well. This is one of the best reasons for people to go through yoga teacher training in Phoenix. There are more and more people looking to take yoga classes in Phoenix, so it only makes sense for more people to train to fill that demand. If you’re interested in running one of the Phoenix yoga studios, it’s important to invest in top grade yoga teacher training.

The Need to Stand Out
Phoenix is well-known for offering excellent yoga classes. There are some really great instructors out there already. That’s not to say that there isn’t room for more growth in the future and new instructors, but those instructors have some pretty big shoes to fill. That’s one of the best reasons for quality yoga teacher training in Phoenix. When becoming a new instructor in the area, it’s important to do an excellent job. That’s not always the easiest thing to do, at least not without some excellent training. That’s why more and more people interested in becoming an instructor look for top yoga classes in Phoenix to learn how to teach properly. The best Phoenix Yoga studios have quality instructors and they require excellent teacher training as well.

There are many different locations offering yoga teacher training in Phoenix, so choosing the right one can be time-consuming and difficult. Even still, it’s important to look over the different options and to choose carefully. Make sure that you’re getting training that will result in teaching at a top quality Phoenix yoga studios in the future. At The Madison Vibe, you can enjoy top quality yoga teacher training in Phoenix. The classes are designed to help you become one of the best instructors in the area, to help you compete with the existing instructors and improve the chances of a successful business as well. Offering popular yoga classes in Phoenix isn’t easy to do, but it’s a good way to make a living and it feels great as well. The right training will help you along your way toward success with your own yoga studio, or to help you work at one of the other Phoenix yoga studios.

15 long-term benefits of yoga

Does yoga really work? And if it does, what are the real benefits that you can reap after years of practice? If you ask those who have enrolled in yoga teacher training in Phoenix, they would tell you immediately that there are numerous benefits when you practice yoga. Some benefits can be felt after a single session and there are those that will make their impact over time. Whether you get that completely refreshing feeling after a single yoga teacher training in Phoenix class or your stress levels have reduced after a few weeks, there is no denying that yoga is beneficial to the mind, body, and soul. But just like any other form of exercise, the more you practice it, the better the effects. Below are 15 long-term benefits that you will enjoy when you decide to take part in yoga classes in Tempe.

1. Greater flexibility and a more improved overall physique
2. It will improve your posture and form
3. Reduced risk of anxiety and depression
4. Yoga classes in Tempe are known to help people lose weight
5. Better and more sensual sexual experiences with your partner
6. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
7. Drains your lymph’s and boosts your immune system
8. Improves your energy levels
9. Strengthens your bones and muscles
10. Breathing pattern and stamina improves
11. Improves your blood flow
12. Increases your heart rate
13. Drops your blood pressure
14. Regulates your adrenal glands
15. And most importantly, yoga classes in Tempe make you happier

Improving your all-around fitness, regulating your heart rate, reducing stress and making you a happier person are some of the things that you can really expect with a yoga teacher training Phoenix. With all of these long-term physicals, mental, and emotional benefits, you also get to live longer and healthier.