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What to do when you lack motivation to workout

Ever felt like skipping yoga simply because you’re not in the mood? Don’t worry you’re not alone; countless others in fitness studios in Phoenix have those days when they feel like they just don’t have the strength. When you ask experts from yoga studios in Phoenix, Arizona, and others in the field, they tell you some proven advice to power through, even if your mind and body doesn’t want to.

Just do it
No matter how tired or weak you feel, if it’s time to do some yoga training in Phoenix, then just do it. You’ve probably heard of mind over matter, and it really is a powerful tool that most individuals in fitness studios in Phoenix use to maintain their workout routine.

Maybe you’re just not taking in the right food and that’s why you’re not feeling energetic for yoga training in Phoenix. Fitness studios in Phoenix understand the importance of proper nutrition for a successful workout regime and often advise members to stick to a nutritional plan. Many yoga studios in Phoenix, Arizona, recommend a balanced diet, rich in carbohydrates, protein and essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12, vitamin D, and iron to keep yourself feeling strong during and after workouts.

Do less
Instead of skipping yoga training altogether when your body is feeling weak, try to lighten your workout. Instead of signing up for an intense class, maybe opt for a relaxing stretch-focused class that offers a slight break while still allowing you to get your workout in.

Fitness studios in Phoenix recommend proper nutrition and doing less if your body feels like giving up. Most importantly, sticking to a schedule for yoga, even if you are not in the mood, is important if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

Come Celebrate! It’s our 5th Birthday!!!

Not long ago, the beautiful building we occupy today used to be the home of the AMICO Bingo hall. We have the urge to connect back to our roots and host a night full of B-I-N-G-O. Join us for drinks, laughs and lots of fun prizes as we honor our roots and make many new friends. Oh, and come hungry because Chef Joe is putting together a special dinner menu of which we know you’ll want to partake.


Register here!

Fitness studios: A solution for staying motivated

One of the best things that you can do for your body and your life is to get in shape and improve your health over time. Unfortunately, it takes real dedication and long-term perseverance in order to get into very good shape. That’s why it’s so important to be able to maintain your motivation over time, especially when going through something like yoga training in Phoenix, Arizona. That’s because the training is only really beneficial when you do it over a long period of time and it has time to transform your body. Read on to learn some simple tips to help you maintain your motivation so you get as much as possible out of those yoga studios in Phoenix, Arizona.

Keep it regular
One of the best ways to maintain your motivation when doing something like going to yoga studios in Phoenix, Arizona, is to go at the same time each and every time. Eventually, it becomes a routine and you’ll feel like it’s something that you’re supposed to do when the time comes up. Like anything else in life, it’s tough to break a routine once you are used to doing something.

Consider taking a few different classes
It’s fun and enjoyable to go to fitness studios in Phoenix, but you may not want to go to the exact same class every single time. You should consider taking a few different classes at the same studio if more than one is offered. By switching up your classes slightly, you can get exposure to more types of yoga and exercise in general. This helps you get into better shape and gives you something new to enjoy doing, even if you have been attending classes for months or years already.

Create a fitness support system
The best way to stay motivated when doing something like going through yoga training in Phoenix is to go with one or more friends. They will keep you company throughout the endeavor, but more importantly, they’ll keep you accountable. They won’t want to go to the yoga training in Phoenix alone, which means you won’t be able to skip the classes unless you have a very good reason. You’ll feel compelled to keep going for your friend, and that’s probably all the motivation you need to make sure that you show up at the class every single time.

Getting in shape is essential to living a healthy life and going through a fitness studio in Phoenix could be a good way to help you accomplish that. Just make sure you’re able to keep your motivation up so you can get the most out of the experience.

High energy fitness programs in Phoenix

If you live in the Phoenix area and want that extra kick in your fitness routine, then The Madison Improvement Club is just what you need. We offer high energy fitness programs near you such as yoga training in Phoenix with fully equipped yoga studios. Our fitness studios in Phoenix will help you achieve that awesome shape you want. So say goodbye to those extra calories and say hello to your toned body. Below are some of our high energy fitness programs that you can try:

Yoga training in Phoenix
As mentioned, we offer classes in our yoga studios in Phoenix, Arizona. You may wonder why yoga training is part of the high energy programs when it is known to be a relaxing and toned-down form of fitness exercise. Our yoga studios are not like those. While still getting the zen experience, our yoga training is about giving you that high energy boost in an efficient way. Our fitness studio in Phoenix has instructors that couple their routines with happy and energetic tunes, as well as positive messages to help encourage you while having fun at the same time. Furthermore, to make your body sweat even more, yoga training can be done at high temperatures to help you burn more calories.

Indoor cycling
Besides yoga training in fully equipped yoga studios, you can also try an indoor cycling class. This program lets you enjoy a high energy fitness experience while cycling in an upbeat environment. You’re surrounded by fun, high-energy, and hip music. You will have a great time while achieving your fitness goals.

If you are looking for a unique fitness experience that helps you achieve your fitness goals while having fun at the same time, we can provide that experience for you.

The Right Yoga Studios For You In Phoenix And Tempe

If you have decided that you’re finally ready to start yoga training in Phoenix, you probably are already looking for yoga studios in Phoenix, Arizona, or even Tempe yoga studios. Yoga training in Phoenix can be challenging, but the right studio can make all the difference. When searching, you’ll find that there are a lot of yoga studios in Phoenix, Arizona, and a lot of Tempe yoga studios, but with so many options, how can one choose?

First, when looking for yoga studios, you should always consider certification and credibility. You should find a teacher that is certified and experienced in yoga training in Phoenix. Good teachers should be transparent about their training background and level of experience. Before you even go around and visit studios, you should check out their website and read the bios of the teachers.

Another thing to consider when evaluating studios, is the class schedule. To get the best yoga training in Phoenix, you need to find a schedule that fits into your lifestyle. A good yoga studio should be able to provide a variety of classes that suit you. The Madison offers classes throughout the day and is happy to introduce you to their experienced yoga instructors.

There are also a lot of Tempe yoga studios. Choosing the right one can be tricky, so here are some more tips. Make sure that you choose one that is clean and has a peaceful ambiance. The best studios provide blankets, mats, and blocks. If you need them, you should also look for studios that supply lockers, storage space, and shower facilities. The Madison ensures that all of their exercise equipment is clean and ready for each yoga student to use during any class.

The right atmosphere is just as important as the facilities when you start yoga training in Phoenix. Choose studios that have teachers who genuinely care about your practice. Most importantly, look for studios that make you feel welcomed and supported. The Madison checks all the boxes. Schedule a class today!

Ultimate Guide To Indoor Cycling Classes In Phoenix

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to reach fitness goals and feel healthier and happier? If so, The Madison’s indoor cycling classes in Phoenix and Tempe might be exactly what you need.

Our intense and high-octane indoor cycling classes are not only great at helping you get in shape, they’re also a blast! And if you want or need to clear your mind, we have dedicated rooms that teach all types of yoga.

If you’re ready to give indoor cycling a try, then our classes in Phoenix are the best. The indoor cycling classes in Phoenix and Tempe at The Madison ensure you drip with sweat, get your blood pumping, and want to come back for more. The classes help shed fat, improve your heart health, and boost your muscle endurance.

After our cycling classes, your legs will burn a good burn and your brain will be filled with endorphins from the satisfying workout. Gone are the days where you hit the gym and suffer through tedious exercises that don’t even always yield the desired results. Don’t waste your time anymore. Sign up for the best indoor cycling classes in Phoenix.

Our classes aren’t your normal classes. We combine indoor cycling with weight workouts for your arms. Or you can try our SoulCycle classes, which add mind-body exercise to the bike routine. There are several experienced and certified instructors who lead the class through different types of cycling, like uphill climbs, bursts of speed, and short recovery periods with easy pedaling.

Cheers to 100 Years!

Join us on June 9th as we celebrate the birth of our building! What started off as a community betterment studio in 1917 evolved throughout the years but stands today as a health club for the community to gather and celebrate health and one another. The day will be filled with excitement, package specials, and limited Madison gear.

Doing good in SO many ways.

To all of you who supported our charity rides In Phoenix this past weekend…THANK YOU!  The money we raised will go to Project Veteran’s Pride, a local shelter that helps veterans get back on their feet.  That’s what we call a win-win-win situation: we raise awareness about a charity, you give back to your community and the charity continues to provide life-enhancing opportunities to our veterans.

Party People

Why do these cuties look like they’re having so much fun? Umm… because they are! BIG shout out to ASU’s Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Alpha Theta sororities for holding sisterhoods in our Tempe ‪#partyonabike room last week! These girls know what’s up. Bring in your team, office, or chapter for your own ‪#healthyparty by filling out the BOOK A PARTY form.