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[11 Things] to Know Before Your First Spin Class

Spin classes are gaining traction and breaking the boredom between running and walking. It is a high-intensity workout, but before you hop on the bike, here are 11 things you have to know before attending best spin classes Phoenix style:

1. Go large on water tumblers

Your usual juice bottle just can’t make the cut. Go large on your tumblers since you will need to drink a lot during your spin class. The sweating will get intense and you need to compensate the lost fluids. It’s like how you gulp down fluids during yoga classes in Phoenix.

2. Arrive early

If your spin class is at 10 a.m., arrive at least 10 minutes earlier. You would want to introduce yourself to the other spinners and the instructor. Tell them it’s your first time and has time to set up your bike. Just like when you have a class in Phoenix yoga studios, you need time to set up your mat.

3. Know what tap back is

You don’t want to attend your first spin class without knowing a few moves. Tap back is a famous spin move where you pedal out of the saddle and then perform a half-returning backward movement. It’s done repeatedly.

4. It’s not easy

Here’s one fact: no one is entirely fit for a spin class. If it feels like a piece of cake, you might need to up the resistance and break more sweat.

5. Instructors are always right

Spinning instructors are there for a reason. Always follow what they say but let them know if you have injuries. Don’t give them a hard time, okay?

6. Go full circles

As a stationary bike, it’s a bit easy to trick the pedaling. But if you want to have a right start, go on the full circle on your pedaling. It should look like the arms of the clock.

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7. Control your resistance levels

Avoid overdoing and underdoing your resistance. Keep on the right pace but make sure that you still retain the challenge. That’s how you do indoor cycling Phoenix style.

8. Choose the right sports bra

For women, it’s important to wear the right sports bra. You will be in a taxing up and down motion so it’s important to keep everything in place.

9. Easy on the grip

With the resistance going up, it’s sometimes unavoidable to death grip the handles. Train yourself to go easy on the grip to avoid injuries.

10. You can take breaks

Spinning is a challenge but it doesn’t mean that you can’t take a breather. But don’t stop pedaling just yet. Slowly reduce the resistance so your muscles and heart rate can gradually relax before a total stop.

11. It can be fun!

Spinning classes are fun! With the new people you’re going to meet, there’s no reason to be nervous. Your instructor would surely help you adjust just like how a yoga teacher training in Phoenix does. The other spinners are also there to motivate and give you a sense of belonging.

If you want to break a sweat, go enroll yourself in your first spinning class. These 11 points will help you prepare but do not forget to enjoy your spins. It is a fun way to get fit and you also get the chance to meet new friends.