yoga better than gym

[8 Reasons] Yoga Is Better Than The Gym

Yoga truly is medicine for the mind, body, and soul. Whether your goal is to improve physical fitness or reap the many health benefits of the sacred practice, our yoga classes and highly sought out yoga teacher training in Phoenix and Tempe will have you feeling the benefits of a great workout, without spending time in the gym. Our studio classes have become a staple and go-to workout for many here in Arizona.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why we feel that yoga is better than going to the gym:

It’s cardio too

With yoga, you don’t need to spend time pretending you like to run on the treadmill or slave away on the rowing machine. If you’re practicing a flow, you’re getting great cardio and you can even break a sweat. The breath matches your movement and with the longer, more quick flows, you will get your heart rate up. Consider Kundalini kriyas for a more adventurous yoga cardio experience.

It’s super efficient

While in a yoga class, you’re working all parts of the body as opposed to solely focusing on and targeting one part. You are building strength in your arms, your core, legs, and more by using your own body weight as you move from pose to pose. You’re both strengthening and lengthening your body all at the same time.

You can practice yoga anywhere

Once you learn the basics of yoga and you continue attending studio classes, you can perform the poses anywhere that you want. You can create your own sacred practice in the mornings, practice a few sun salutations during the day, and you don’t need a single piece of equipment – not even your mat! Talk about convenience.

It’s not competitive

The basis of the yoga practice is looking inward. You are supposed to only focus on yourself and what you bring to the mat, not what the person next to you is doing. While at a gym, it becomes difficult to do so as you are not participating in an inward practice. Avoid the competition and step onto your mat.

Yoga Is Better Than The Gym

It’s good for you physically and mentally

Practicing yoga a few times a week has many health benefits including decreased anxiety, improved pain, disease prevention, and more. While working out in a gym has health benefits as well, you are raising your cortisol levels when lifting weights or doing high-intensity exercises. Yoga helps to slow the breath and slow the mind while decreasing cortisol.

It helps you lose weight

Yoga not only helps you to lose weight by reducing cortisol and fat storage while increasing metabolism, it changes your approach to food and your daily habits. It promotes overall health in your day to day life, helping you to avoid the things that make you gain weight or make it difficult to lose.


There are different styles of yoga and also your daily practice is really what you make it. One day you can focus more on balance, while another on flexibility, and another on challenging yourself with new poses. It’s all about what you’re feeling on the mat that day.

No injuries

In yoga, you are healing injuries, rather than promoting an environment in which new ones can occur. You push yourself only as far as you are feeling that day and laying down on your mat to skip a pose that doesn’t feel good is perfectly acceptable.